Orlando Lyman Mineral Display


While spending two weeks in Hilo, Hawaii in October, 2009 I had a chance to visit the Lyman Museum.  This is a natural and cultural history museum relating much information about the Hawaiian islands and the big island in particular.  There is also a very fine group of minerals on display that you would not expect to see in a place like this.  They are professionally and carefully set out on display and the displays contain a surprising amount of quality information about minerals including chemistry and crystallography.  They are arranged by crystal system.


Entrance to the mineral collection.


The isometric minerals.


A 25 cm gold specimen most likely from the Eagle's Nest mine.


A 60 cm specimen of crystallized copper from Michigan!!


One of the largest specimens of Jeffrey Quarry garnet I have ever seen - 45 cm across at least!!

The tetragonal minerals.


A stunning uranocircite from France that is 30 cm across!


A fine cabinet specimen of wulfenite and mimetite from the San Francisco mine.


There it is 50 cm of triangular joy from the Benitoite Gem Mine. The largest crystals are 2.5 cm + across.



A 1.5 cm crystal of gemmy red beryl.



A very nicely arranged display of fluorescent minerals.



One case is dedicated to carvings of stunning beauty.



In addition to minerals there is an exceptional display of shells.  I am not a shell nut but I see where nature invented fractal geometry with things like shells.


The mineral orlymanite is named in honor of Orlando Lyman.


I highly recommend a stop at this museum should you find yourself in Hilo.  It is worth the price of admission.


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